If you’re on a long-haul flight, wearing fashionable but uncomfortable clothes are probably not the best choice unless you’re planning to fidget around throughout the flight to get the most comfy seating position. And if you are planning to sleep on the flight, a comfy choice of clothes is a given. We’d like to wear a spaghetti top and shorts if we could, but being Singaporean, we know we wouldn’t be able to withstand the cold temperatures in the plane. What else can you do? Why not take a leaf out of EXO’s Kai’s book? The idol group member was photographed wearing Muji pyjamas on board a flight from Dubai to Seoul.

Of course, he’s not the first to have done this. We’ve spotted quite a number of people wearing pyjamas at the airport, especially on red-eye flights. Of course, pyjamas are generally not the most stylish outfit ever, but here are more stylish ones that can pass off as co-ords.

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