Show off your dazzling personality with these fresh twists to the classic Superga 2750.

The winning athlete
You love an exhilarating run but that doesn’t mean you’re not a fan of pretty nail art, too. Choose this pair of multicolour tweed kicks to show off both your sporty and girly sides.

The girl-next-door

If snuggling in bed with a cup of hot chocolate sounds like the perfect activity, pick this blue braided bottoned wool design to take your favourite #sweaterweather look down to your toes.

The laid-back chick

Comfort comes above everything for you so what’s better than this pair of versatile grey mixed wool polyester shoes that matches anything you wear?

The intellectual bookworm

Cafe-hopping with a good novel is part of your routine, so complete that with this pair of elegant light grey sneakers made with mixed wool polyester.

The artsy one

Colours on canvas make you happy so go for this elaborate tapestry design on a jacquard fabric that’ll keep you right on track to becoming the next Picasso.

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