Double denim – or denim on denim – used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas. While one could wear a chequered suit without being judged, the same couldn’t be said about denim.

However, designers and celebrities have since bucked the trend and turned the faux pas into a must-wear. But working the trend entails more than just blindly picking out two random denim apparels and wearing them together. Here are a few do’s and don’ts.


1. Pick different shades of denim
There are so many shades of denim blue. You could probably even match them against the Pantone colour chart. So there should be no reason for you to wear that same colour from head to toe, unless you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit. Always balance off a dark piece with a light-coloured one.

2. Wear different colours
If you can’t match your blues, it’s perfectly fine to go with other colours, like white or black denims. These two basic colours are the easiest to match, so you can rock the trend without pulling your hair out on trying to find the right combo.

3. Distress your jeans
Cut it, rip it, do whatever you want to it. The texture gives your outfit an edge so it doesn’t look too flat.

4. Dress it up
Denims can look casual (which is why it’s usually worn on Casual Fridays), so don’t be afraid to amp it up with accessories, killer heels, neon-coloured sneaks or bright lips.


1. Wear denim accessories or shoes
OK, just because we said denim on denim, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict your whole wardrobe to that fabric and sport denim shoes and accessories. Trust us, you will end up looking like a bale of denim cloth.

2. Wear the same wash
We’ve talked about wearing different shades, but it’s also important not to wear the same wash. If your pants are faded, don’t wear a faded denim shirt, even if it’s in another shade of blue.

3. Over-accessorise
Yes, we did tell you to accessories but that doesn’t mean you have to pile on the bling like a Christmas tree. Denims look heavy (some feel heavy too), so avoid adding on to the visual weight with too much accessories.

4. Wear everything baggy
Baggy denim on baggy denim is unflattering. Sure, you could probably pull it off with an all-black outfit and still look amazeballs but the same doesn’t apply to denim, because you’ll only end up looking frumpy. The easiest way to rock this trend is with a form-fitting bottom like skinny jeans or pencil denim skirt.

Image: David Cabrera Navarro /