5 Ways To Make Your Work Bag Lighter

Remember those days in primary school when your backpack is so heavy that it’s almost touching the ground? You might have opted to bring a trolley bag instead (because the Mickey Mouse trolley bag was the most fashionable item among primary school kids back then). If you find yourself lugging the same amout of weight to the office even now, you might be bringing more stuff than you actually need. Here are five ways to make your office bag lighter.

  1. Leave things in your office
    We’re sure you don’t really need that water bottle in your bag. Unless your company practises a desk-hotspotting system, try to leave things on your office desk as far as possible. This includes your water bottle and jacket. Here’s how to know if you need the items: if you ferry them to and fro from home but only use them in the office, they’re probably better off on your desk.

  2. Go for light
    And by this, we mean everything, down to your umbrella. An umbrella is necessary in Singapore’s weather, and investing in a lightweight one can take a load off your bag – literally. If you bring out a coin pouch for lunch, why not keep it locked in your drawer at the end of the day? You can use the coins as your lunch fund instead of bringing the pouch around all day. Deposit your coins into the pouch whenever you receive change. This will not only lighten your wallet, but also cultivate a saving habit.

  3. Get a separate laptop bag

    Image: Diego Cervo / 123RF.com
    Instead of trying to fit everything into one bag, why not divide the load? A laptop bag usually has padded handle, which makes it more comfortable to carry around as compared to your Longchamp. Or Chanel. Or whatever bag you bring to work.

  4. Bring only your essentials
    Leave the hardcover books for weekend reads and read on your phone while commuting. And believe us when we say you don’t need three pens in your bag. Most of the time, all you need to bring to the office is your EZ-link card, wallet, phone and work pass.

  5. Carry a smaller wallet
    If you’ve been lugging around a big wallet, open it up and see what you have in there. Receipts? Gift cards? Loyalty cards? Check if you’ve been bringing along unnecessary receipts and expired cards all these while. If these are the reason why your wallet is so big, it’s time for a change. Or just bin the unnecessary items – it’ll make your “big” wallet a whole lot lighter. But if you can afford a change, invest in a smaller wallet, so you’re less tempted to stash things in it. Or use Apple Pay so you can get

Image: Andrei Zaripov / 123RF.com

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