Balenciaga’s New Bag Looks Just Like The Thai Plastic Bag

Remember the striped blue, green, yellow and red plastic bag that you used to pack all your shopping buys from Bangkok to lug home? It can now pass off as a Balenciaga bag.

The fashion brand just showcased their Fall Winter 16 runway and the familiar bag made an appearance on a model’s shoulder, which made us do a double take. Wait, what?

Yes, the bag that probably cost you less than 100 baht ($3.90), and is also used by wholesale sellers to store their goods.

So, is it blatant copying on Balenciaga’s part?

Coconuts Bangkok reported that a Thai official has defended the brand and said it wasn’t a copyright violation because both bags used different materials – the Thai version is made of flimsy plastic, while the Balenciaga bag looks sturdier and seems to be made from patent leather.

The prices, obviously, would differ by A LOT – the bag from the European brand is reported to cost 100 times more.

The official also assured the Thai media that the locals wouldn’t be accused of bringing a “knock-off” should they bring the bag overseas.

This is not the first time a brand has been accused of copying a plastic bag used in Asian markets. Last year, Louis Vuitton’s laundry bag was said to be a rip-off of the Chinese woven plastic bags.

Is this a sign that we should be stocking up on plastic bags?

Images: IMAXtree


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