How to choose the right fit for your sports bra

Sports bras are tricky. While our regular bras come in a variety of band and cup sizes, the same things designed for sports tend to follow a different system. We break it down for you cause a comfier sports bra = better workouts. 

#1: Consider your cup size and level of activity

These days, the sports bra choices aren’t just S, M, L. They’re also categorised according to the type of activity (low to high impact) as well as the kind of support they offer (minimal to maximum support). It’s important to consider both your regular bra size and the activity you will most often be engaged in. For example, if you have a larger cup size, it’s best to go with more support, even if you’re doing a low-impact workout like yoga. When in doubt, always go for more support, rather than less. 

#2: Try on a range before deciding

Your regular bra size doesn’t always translate into your perfect sports bra size, so try you need to try on a range of sports bras. As a rule of thumb, you know you’ve found the one when it fits you like a glove, but isn’t so tight that you find it hard to breathe. It should also feel very comfortable through a range of movements, and should neither ride up or be constricting. How can you tell? Read on…

#3: Perform a range of movements when trying one on

  • Bend over to make sure that you’re not spilling out of your bra. If you are, either go up one cup size, if available, or one letter size. (Alternatively, try looking at other brands as well.)
  • Stretch your arms overhead to check if the band of the bra rides up on your chest. If it does, it’s too big. On the flip side, if your breasts of the flesh of your back spill out over the sides of the bra near your underarms, the band is too small for you.
  • Do a simple side-to-side twist. If the band moves as you turn to the side, it’s too big. Same thing as above, if you find it’s squeezing your flesh out over the sides and near the underarms, the band is too small.
  • Do a series of jumps. If there is significant bounce when you jump, the cup size is too big. On the other hand, if the tops of the cups are squeezing your breasts, it’s an indication that the cup size is too small. 



Text: Tan Min Yan/Her World Aug 2015/Additional reporting: Kit Chua
Images: Dean Drobot/

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