The Most Popular Accessory In Singapore Now Has A Horrific Backstory To It

It’s furry and cute. It looks like a rabbit but it’s not. Well, it kinda is. We’re talking about the rabbit bag chain that is on everyone’s bags right now.

But here’s the thing – that cute and fluffy thing is reportedly the product of animal cruelty – like all fur products are. SPCA posted on their Facebook page that they have been receiving enquiries as to whether the popular accessory is made of real rabbit fur. They launched an investigation and found a shocking discovery.

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They wrote, “We investigated and found that the products are sold in numerous shops and that some sellers claim that the fur is real while others have said that it’s not. We have conducted our own in house tests on the fur and it unfortunately appears that the fur is real.”

They included a link to the post, showing the results from the test.

The bag chains are selling for more than $20, and while that seems like an affordable price for a bag chain, think of what the cute, furry rabbits went through for you to get that accessory. No, just no.

Images: SPCA’s Facebook

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