Game of Thrones Dressing Guide: Daenerys Targaryen

Warning: Before you proceed, this story contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones’ season eight episode five.

So, after almost a whole season of foreshadowing, Daenerys Targaryen went and did the damn thing. But could you really blame her? The dragon queen had been increasingly isolated and had lost a lot by this point. Think of how Regina George terrorised the school after Cady Heron and Janice Ian had practically cut off all her resources. Dany had lost her high-status man candy Jon Snow (come on Jon, you can’t get over a little incest?), half her army had been obliterated by the Night King (RIP buddy, we miss you), she had lost another dragon and her ride or die Missandei was beheaded right in front of her and there was nothing she could do about it. Just exactly how much more can one woman take?


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Well, according to Dany, no more. Tired of trying to be a good, benevolent ruler, especially after watching Jon take all the credit for the battle of Winterfell, Dany decided to take the path with the least resistance by recalling the last bit of advice she received from Olenna Tyrell.

With nothing but rage and fury left within her, our mad queen decided to woman up, ditch the beautiful white fur coat in the North and stormed into King’s Landing with a sleek black leather and maroon coat, the red being symbolic for her thirst for blood. After all, the Targaryen’s ruled with fire and blood (it’s basically their house motto) so it’s only befitting (albeit tragic) that Dany succumbs to her house’s way of rule—love through fear.

So in honour of our dragon queen, today’s dressing guide is all about owning your look, and the pieces you can wear when you feel the need to be your very own boss bitch. Enjoy!

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