If you were on Twitter last night, you’d have seen your timeline blowing up with tweets (and retweets) of an intruder during the Chanel Spring Summer 20 show at Paris Fashion Week last night.

A woman dressed in houndstooth suit and a Chanel bag strutted to the runway from the seats, took her place in front of a model and started walking on the runway. If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought she was part of the show, although the outfit doesn’t look like it’s part of this season’s pastel tweed.

She got all the way to the front before security guards started chasing after her.

Chanel then saw a savior: Gigi Hadid.

The model was seen stopping the woman from moving forward, and then slung her arm around the latter’s shoulders and escorted her to the stairs where she was asked to leave.


The intruder is a YouTuber, Marie S’Infiltre, who like her name suggests, infiltrates and crashes shows. Last week, she pulled a similar stunt at French lingerie and clothing brand Etam’s show.

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She told L’importante that people had thought her infiltration at Etam went smoothly because the brand was in on it, so she wanted to “try the impossible with the most prestigious show on Earth, Chanel.”

Well, people at Chanel, especially Gigi, were understandably not impressed, and neither were these people on Twitter.

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Others, however, saw the humour in it.

Our thoughts: we know the hard work that goes into a collection and Fashion Week, and for a YouTuber to pull a stunt like this so she can get “content”? Not cool.