A La Senza Special, as seen in CLEO July 2016 issue.

Getting a bra that fits is more important than you think. The right one will not only give you ample support, but also make sure you stay comfortable all day. Here are some tips by La Senza on finding the perfect bra.

Does your bra fit?
If your bra doesn’t fulfil these criteria, it’s probably high time you get a better one.

Straps: The straps should sit securely on the shoulders and be adjustable.

Centre Gore: This refers to the centre panel that connects both cups. It should lie flat against your chest.

Cups: Your breasts should sit comfortably in the cups, with the underwires flat against your chest.

Band: The band should fit securely around your body and not sit too high or low at the back.

Measure yourself
It’s not rocket science — all you need is a measuring tape and five minutes.

Step one: Determine your band size
Place the measuring tape around your rib cage directly under your bust. This is where the bra’s band should go. Hold the measuring tape securely and parallel to the floor. Get your measurement and note it down.

Step two: Determine your cup size
Move the measuring tape around your back to the level the band clasp would sit and measure over the middle and fullest part of your bust. To make sure you’re not holding the measuring tape too tightly, make sure you can fit one finger between your body and the measuring tape. Hold the tape securely and parallel to the floor. Find your measurement and note it down.

Step three: Find your fit
Refer to the bra measuring chart using the measurements you’ve noted down for your band and cup size to find your perfect match!

Wardrobe staples
No matter where you’re headed, these three styles from La Senza have got you covered.

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