How To Look Fashionable While Wearing A Mask

The haze situation is so unpredictable nowadays. The air could be clear in the morning, but the PSI would suddenly skyrocket in the evening. Apart from worrying about the PSI, we know some of you are also worried about how the face mask would make you look less stylish (don’t lie, we know you do).

While you can wear a fabric mask over the N95 mask to match your outfit, Vogmask has afforded us an easier solution in the form of their range of stylish filtering face masks, which are affixed with advanced microfiber filtration fabric that filters an average of 99& of particulate matter including haze particles. The best thing yet? The filter is not just the average filter, but an N99, which makes it a better performer than an N95 mask!

The designs encompass not only various colours, but also different fabrics and patterns. Even the plain ‘ol black one looks stylish! Here are a few designs that would totes go with your OOTD.

Velvet hot pink mask? Too cute.

Pair with:

Prefer something less loud? How about this chequered monochrome piece?

Pair with:

We love the stripes that are colourful without being too attention-grabbing.

Pair with:

If you’re into the grunge or punk look, go for this perforated black piece. #yourlifeyourrules

Pair with:

Vogmask products retail from $33 and can be purchased here.

Images: Vogmask, IMAXtree

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