In this digital day and age, it’s hard to separate a millennial from her phone. Kendall Jenner and a few other models mirrored our feelings when they went on the Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 runway with their mobile phones – and started snapping photos.

Before you start hating on her, we’ll have you know that the models were supposed to walk the runway with the iPhone 7 Plus. And yes, they were asked to take photos. From selfies to backstage shots to photos of Marc himself, the models went trigger-happy when armed with the mobile phone. But can you really blame them? After all, the phone is known to have a super good camera, including the Portrait mode, which allows you to play with depth-of-field. You can also zoom in easily: just tap 1x or 2x for optical zoom at 2x, or press and hold to zoom up to 10x. And yes, you can do this on one hand!

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And, if you’re too lazy to launch the Camera app, just ask Siri to “take a photo” or “take a selfie”. You just have to pose – she’ll do the work for you.

It’s no wonder that the models had so much fun snapping photos. Scroll through the gallery to see the pics taken by Kendall and co.

Also, those Marc Jacobs iPhone 7 Plus cases are so cute. Can we expect a collabo soon, like Apple Watch Hermès‎, pretty please?

Images: Marc Jacobs’ website