Not all of us can wear black from head-to-toe without looking like we’re in mourning or like a new family member of the Addams family. Black might be one of the most well-loved colours and matches almost any shade, but an all-black outfit is not very flattering. Yet, Kim Kardashian pulled it off – more than once.

  1. Contrast your silhouettes

    If you’re wearing a tight dress, wear a flowy jacket. In this way, not only will the dress flatter your figure, but you’ll also look glam when the jacket flows in the wind.
  2. Mix and match the shades

    All right, so black has no shades. But you can always turn to its sister, grey. Instead of wearing black from top to bottom, why not add a splash of grey?
  3. Accessorise

    Accessories are important, more so if you’re wearing a monotone outfit. However, don’t be too crazy with the metals. Kim picked this black choker with gold accents so the accessory doesn’t steal the thunder.
  4. Show some skin

    When we say show some skin, we don’t mean bare it all. Keep it classy.
  5. Differentiate your fabric

    It’s pretty hard to wear the same material from head-to-toe, but even if you can, don’t – we’re not challenging you. Kim plays with fabrics to jazz up her outfit, such as pairing a velvet jacket with a satin skirt.

Images: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos