With streetwear currently taking over our wardrobes, it’s not surprising to see new brands jumping on this trend. But what about the OGs who’ve been there way before streetwear hit the mainstream?

Enter A BATHING APE, or better known to most as BAPE, a legendary Japanese streetwear brand that has been a pioneering label in street culture. Combine that with Swatch, one of the most innovative and creative brands when it comes to Swiss watchmaking, and you’ve got yourself a drool-worthy collaboration that any hypebeast worth their weight in sneakers would love to get their hands (and wrists!) on.

As part of Swatch’s latest Big Bold product line, the collection is a chance for Swatch and BAPE to showcase their love for a globalised world. The six new limited-edition watches will be dedicated to their favourite cities around the globe, namely Bern, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and lastly (and we suspect it’s because they can’t choose), the entire planet!

Each watch is a statement piece in its own right, boasting a striking Ø47mm watchcase, a newly designed signature BAPE camo pattern, as well as the Ape Head logo on the hour hand and lower strap. The watches are also numbered and limited to either 983 or 1993 pieces, with the numbers paying tribute to each brand’s respective birth year. With all this attention to detail, the Swatch Big Bold Bape collection is truly all about celebrating the world, big personalities, diversity and time.

The global launch for the BIG BOLD BAPE collection will be on 15 June, for those who are interested, click here to get notified once the watches are available for purchase.

Scroll through to check out the six limited edition pieces.

-Brought to you by Swatch-