The iconic lingerie label recently unveiled Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu as their brand ambassador in China, surprising the public.

The move to hire the 28-year-old is an unusual choice, partly as the label tends to enlist models to be the face of the brand in China.

With her small stature and childlike face, Dongyu, known for starring in the 2010 Chinese film Under The Hawthorn Tree, differs vastly from Victoria’s Secret’s past Asia ambassadors like Chinese models Ming Xi and He Sui, who are both tall and have fuller figures.

So far, the public reception to Dongyu’s Victoria’s Secret photoshoot has been divided.

While many have applauded the actress and said that her looks are a more realistic representation of the general Chinese female population, others have pointed out that her photos do not bring out the brand’s charm, with some netizens saying the actress looked like a child playing dress-up.

In spite of such comments, Dongyu maintains a positive attitude, saying: “I may not be textbook sexy. However, to me, sexy means being comfortable and able to express it naturally. We define the meaning of being sexy—and it’s not the meaning that defines us.”

Dongyu’s appointment was followed by that of fellow Chinese actress Yang Mi, 33, who was on Thursday (April 23) unveiled as Victoria’s Secret brand ambassador for Asia.

Text: Lim Rei Enn / The Straits Times / April 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Image: TPG/Click Photos

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