Online shopping is possibly the best kind of retail therapy – or just about any kind of therapy actually. The whole world’s your oyster, it’s as simple as a few clicks here and there, and you can hardly feel the pinch – until you look at your bank statement.

The thing is, it’s extremely difficult to exercise self-control with so many choices, so much convenience, and so very many sales. Thankfully, there are some easy rules that keep you on track, even if you lack self-discipline.

  1. Come up with a shopping list and stick to it.
  2. Set a spending limit and don’t compromise, no matter how cute that other shirt/skirt/dress is.
  3. Look for similar pieces elsewhere. Chances are, you’ll find the exact same or somewhat similar piece at a cheaper price.
  4. Don’t shop when you’re bored. You’ll end up buying a lot of useless things on impulse.
  5. Keep track of your shopping habits. You’ll be surprised how often and how much you actually incur.
  6. Make the best of discounts. If you know that a huge sale period is coming up (think stores’ anniversary and festive seasons), resist shopping during the few months leading up to it.

Text: Stephanie Chee
Main image source: TPG