Party Now, Salonpas Later. 8 Pairs of Heels That Will Help You Conquer Every Party

The things we do for fashion. When it comes to everyday footwear, it’s important to find shoes that accommodate your daily activities. You’ll find a couple pairs comfortable enough to wear everywhere, from running errands to hopping on the MRT for your daily commute. But sometimes a girl just needs a pair of heels to boost her confidence for a special night out, and your trusty loafers or ballet flats don’t always do the trick.

The right pair of shoes can change the way you carry yourself—how you walk, talk and dance. It’s time to throw caution to the wind and strap on a killer pair of heels to help you make an entrance! After all, you’ve got the rest of the week to recover.

Here are some party heels for the nights you want to feel like you’re “100% that b*tch”—even if you have to sacrifice some comfort along the way.

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Text: April Lee

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