PSA: There Are Pikachu Wedding And Engagement Rings


If your love for Pokemon (or Pokemon Go) transcends everything else, why not ask your boyfriend to profess his everlasting love with a Pikachu ring?

Adult fans of the popular Japanese franchise can now do so with jewellery which are no mere toys, courtesy of Japanese accessory maker U-Treasure.

The company announced a new “Pikachu Electric Motif” series of men’s and women’s rings featuring the beloved electric mouse Pokemon. The range is available from the U-Treasure Shinjuku store in Tokyo and the Meitetsu store in Nagoya, as well as their online store.

Five variants of the design will be available, including a mix of platinum and 18-carat yellow gold, and a mix of 18-carat white and yellow gold. Monochrome variants in platinum, white gold and yellow gold are also available.

The engagement ring features Pikachu holding a small melee diamond beside the central diamond, which must be purchased separately.

The ring costs between 88,000 (S$1,080) and 135,000 yen (S$1,660) including tax, but not including the diamond, which can cost between 213,000 (S$2,600) and 594,000 yen (S$7,300).

The online store describes the ring: “An engagement ring with Pikachu blessing the start of a new life beginning now.”

The ladies’ wedding ring features just the melee diamond and a silhouette of Pikachu together with a lightning bolt. The men’s wedding ring is subtler and features Pikachu’s tail and lightning bolts with no diamond.

Both wedding rings are available in the same five variants as the engagement ring, and cost between 73,000 (S$900) and 115,000 yen (S$1,400).

Alongside the new rings, U-Treasure announced that it is also bringing back the Poke Ball Accessory Case, made from varnished wood, in response to popular demand.

The case resembles a Poke Ball, an item used to catch and store Pokemon in the game and will cost 12,960 yen (S$159).

pikachu wedding rings

Fans can use the engagement ring and case to re-enact Professor Kukui’s beach proposal to Professor Burnet in the Pokemon: Sun & Moon anime series, U-Treasure added in a statement.

The accessory brand has created jewellery such as rings, necklaces and earrings featuring popular franchises such as Sailor Moon, Disney characters and Star Wars.

Overseas fans need not travel to Japan to purchase the rings, as the online store ships overseas. For a shipping fee of 5,500 yen (S$68), even Pokemon fans in Singapore can tell their prospective spouse, “I choose you!”

Text: Rei Kurohi / The Straits Times / August 2018
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