Small Pouches And Wristlets To Take Out For Lunch


Unless you’re a super minimalist, you probably carry a medium- to large-sized handbag to work. For those who have to lug around laptops, backpacks might even be to go-to. Which is why, bringing your whole bag out for lunch might be a bit of a hassle. While you could go out with just your wallet and phone, it leaves you with no free hand to juggle everything else, like a packet of tissue paper (whether to chope a table or to use it for its primary purpose) or wet tissue for fried chicken days when you eat with your hands. The solution? A small bag that you can take out for lunch.

We’ve rounded up a couple we think you’d love, from wristlets you can easily loop through your arm to crossbody bags that leave your hands free and pouches that can store all your essentials. Scroll through the gallery to see if any of them catches your eye!

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