Fashion amirite? One day you’re in and the next day you’re out and all that jazz. As the mid ‘90s era continues to rule our accessory trends with the likes of scrunchies (so useful in not leaving dents in your hair) to hair clips (accessories, but for the hair!), there’s one question we have at the back of our minds—tiny sunglasses, why won’t you just die?!

I just don’t get it. Does it enhance your look? Because you actually look like one of the three blind mice when you wear them properly. Which I suspect is a thing that everyone realises, because anyone who rocks these tiny sunglasses with confidence like a Hadid sister actually chose to only perch them on their nose.

You might argue that because of the influx of this trend, the fashion powers that be have decided to go to the other extreme—huge sunglasses.

Yesterday, Rihanna’s Fenty label, the luxury brand she founded with the backing of French fashion conglomerate LVMH finally dropped. And she was arguably one of the champions of tiny sunglasses, pairing them even with ball gowns on the red carpet. But if you click over to her eyewear section what do we see? Nary a tiny pair in sight.

And while Kanye infamously wrote an email in 2018 to his wife Kim Kardashian that huge sunglasses were out and tiny sunglasses were in, guess what Kim made when it came to creating her own line of eyewear with Berlin brand Carolina Lemke? That’s right. Huge, oversized ski goggles reminiscent of her yesteryears in Hollywood. (God, do I miss early 2000s Kim).

Look I’m not a savage ok. I did buy one pair, namely this one. BUT! In my defence, they covered my entire eyeballs and have proven useful to me in the face of the scorching sun. And that’s my bare minimum. If they don’t do that at the very least, then at this point your sunglasses are basically just a necklace for your face.

And as my best friend Melissa used to say, “the tinier the sunglasses, the closer to glaucoma”. So do what you will with this information and don’t @ me. But you can scroll through for some sunglasses that I’d rather add to cart instead.

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