Say Goodbye To VPL With These 8 Seamless Pairs of Underwear

VPL, or visible panty lines have been the bane of women’s existence since slinky clothes have existed. While some people don’t care for it, from time to time they can be somewhat embarrassing when they show through your clothes. I mean, do you want to ruin the “Is she or is she not wearing underwear?” illusion when your intricate lace thong shows through that barely-there slip dress? Or how about that extra-wide lunge you do during a fitness class, only to realise your leggings are a bit too see-through?

Enter the seamless nude panty. If you don’t already have a pair, you need to add one into your closet stat. While shapewear is all about smoothing the contours of your body to provide the desired hourglass shape, seamless underwear is all about eliminating the dreaded VPL. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a pair that functions as both.

From thongs to high-waist granny pants, we’ve scoured the internet (and Orchard Road) to send some nudes your way no matter your budget—and skin tone.

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