It seems like it was just yesterday that we were counting down to 2017. Well January is coming to a close and Chines New Year is fast approaching. If you’re scrambling to get your last minute CNY outfits (you have 4 days left!) and unsure about what to get, here are some golden rules to stick by that will ensure that you remain stylish as well as please good ol’ Ah Ma.

1) Avoid black and white


We get it. Black and white are the easiest to match and looks great on everyone but these colours are considered unlucky in the Chinese culture. If you are uncomfortable with bright hues, try deep tones of blue, orange and purple, or a black dress but with brightly coloured prints.

 2) Traditional doesn’t have to mean outdated


Take inspiration from the shape and cut of a traditional Qipao or Cheongsam such as dresses with a higher neckline and shorter sleeves.

3) Avoid tight fitting clothes



Why? To make space for all the delicious sweets and treats. T. Try peplum tops, high waisted flowy skirts or even a pair of stretchy trousersto hide that food coma.

4) Wear your florals

It is the Spring festival afterall. Floral prints might be a safe choice but details like laser cut, lace details, embroidery or even patches will make the print feel fresh and new again.

5) Go literal with your accessories


Nothing screams CNY more than these pieces. Trust us, your relatives will love you for it.