Google “What you should never wear on a first date”, and within 90 seconds, 364 million results come up. The top hit for me? A 2016 article from men’s online publication Elite Daily called “Men Reveal The Six Things Women Should Never Wear On A First Date”.

And as we scroll through the articles, the advice that was given range from reasonable “no dirty wrinkled clothes” to questionable “leave the high heels at home because men are conscious about their height’. With so many unspoken rules to follow, what if we threw away all the rule books and just truly wore whatever the f*ck we wanted?

So if you’ve decided you’re with us on this and would like to either test a new date’s idea of fashion with a confusing outfit or surprise your long-time partner with a crazy and hilarious look, here’s some “anti-date-night” date night looks for you to try.

1. A Bag For Unwanted Opinions

Everyone in this day and age is a critic. Don’t wear this, don’t do that. Well, the next time anyone gives you an unwarranted opinion in regard to what you should be wearing on a date, tell them to drop their opinions in your purse and then walk away.


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2. His and Hers Tinsel Jackets

Because nothing says true love than matching His and Hers jackets. But why be like any other couple in matching T-shirts and denim jackets? Take it to the next level with colourful tinsel jackets that you can spot a mile off.


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3. Free The Nipple Underwear

Free the nipple but also not? If sexy underwear isn’t really your thing, how about this matching ironic underwear set? P.S It’s also a great way to test your date’s opinion on female social issues before you get down and dirty. Not down with the feminine mystique? Not down with us.


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4. A Fashion Loofah Dress

Sometimes it’s just fun to wear your crazy on your sleeve. And if you would like to add some sex appeal, there’s a cheaper version on the site for a sheer backless version so that you could show off that cute little tush of yours. Half the price for half the amount of fabric—is that a steal or what?


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5. Feathered Sleeves

In the animal kingdom, the male species are usually the more colourful ones trying to attract a mate. How about we flip the rules on peacocking and take this one for ourselves with feathered sleeves?


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