When it comes to working out, having stylish and functional exercise gear is half the battle won. Because if you look great, chances are you’ll push yourself to feel great too. Thankfully, cool workout clothes don’t have to cost a bomb, which is one of the reasons why we love sloggi’s mOve range so much.

While the brand has always been known for its ultra-comfy lingerie, their athleisure line deserves a shout-out as well. Think, lightweight fabrics in colourful, sleek designs that give your workout style a modern, sporty edge. And if being a gym bunny isn’t your thing, hey, no one’s stopping you from throwing on the mOve range for a brunch sesh with your friends. It’s OK, we won’t judge, and neither will sloggi.

The mOve range consists of three collections, each designed to meet different workout demands.



First, there is mOve FLOW, a line that enhances blood circulation. This means that even if the pace of your movement slows, your body is kept warm and ready to move. This is an important function to have in your clothes, especially when you’re in the active recovery portion of your workout.



As its name suggests, mOve FLEX is all about flexibility and freedom of movement. The products in this range make use of technology that reduces any friction between the skin and fabric. It’s the perfect companion for high-intensity workouts. You’ll be able to stretch, leap and lunge worry-free!

mOve FLY

mOve FLY

Lastly, there’s mOve FLY, which balances your body heat with the temperature of the surrounding environment, ensuring that you’ll cool down with ease. The range incorporates revolutionary technology like thermo-regulating fabrics that help to regulate body heat, as well as HeiQ Smart Temp technology that cools the fabric by vaporising moisture. The materials used are also made for support, so there’s no need to hold back as your curves will be held comfortably in place at all times. It’s perfect for fast, energetic activities like boxing, Zumba, running and HIIT.

Plus, check out are some of our favourite picks from the collection:

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