Ahead of today’s launch of Jason Wu’s much-anticipated bag collection with Malaysian brand Sometime by Asian Designers and his in-house brand Jason Wu GREY (available exclusively on ZALORA.com) we spoke to the man himself about his fashion influences, the reason for the collaboration and why he’s so passionate about Singapore Fashion Week.jason wu zalora bag

1. You have established brand and renowned label. What was your reason behind wanting to collaborate with a smaller Malaysian brand?
This project spoke to me on so many levels, and I enjoy collaborations. This partnership is not just about Jason Wu GREY, it is also about Sometime by Asian Designers, and ZALORA. The collaboration is a celebration of Asian creativity and innovation. Considering my heritage, doing more in Asia has always been important to me. When ZALORA approached me, it seemed like a natural progression in that direction. SOMETIME has successfully positioned themselves as a bag specialist. They have worked with many big Malaysian designers and in the last six years ZALORA has built an impressive reach across the region establishing themselves as the area’s leading fashion e-commerce player. In working with both brands, I am assured that my design will resonate with fashion customers across Asia.
2. What was your favourite part of the collaboration?
My favourite part of the project is the chance to work with Sometime and ZALORA. The creative process became a learning opportunity, which was thrilling. I became much more educated on their market and what is important to the Asian customer, which is critical to creating a successful product.
3. Which bag is your favourite and why?
The large tote color blocked in crème, navy and orange as this style truly reflects the timeless sensibility of the Jason Wu GREY collection with an off duty yet playful feeling.
jason wu drawing bag collection
4. You were influenced by Josef Albers’ bold use of colour in his square paintings. How did you become influenced by him?
I’ve always been fascinated by mid-century art and architecture. Using Josef Albers famous works as inspiration, bold color blocking became a vehicle to emphasize the bags timeless design.
5. You chose to use vegan leather for this collection of bags. Will you continue to use it for your own private label moving forward?
It will be a consideration for sure. Deciding on materials is an organic process. I need to finalize the design first and look for materials that will bring the design to life. Designing for fashion goes beyond the visuals, how it feels when you wear or hold the item matters too.
6. You’re a very strong advocate of Asian designers. Who should we be keeping our eye on for next few months?
A few names come to mind. Designers like Masha Ma, Ye Mingzi who also worked with Atelier Swarovski are getting a lot of attention, Guo Pei creates dramatic silhouettes – Asia is home to a lot of talented designers and creatives and thankfully the rest of the world is taking notice
7. Any thoughts on showing at Singapore Fashion Week this year?
I had a great time last year showing at Singapore Fashion Week, I’m always open to explore opportunities in Singapore and in the region.

Check out more about the bag collaboration here.