It’s coming. The day we’ve all been waiting for: Black Friday.

Contrary to its name, there’s nothing dark about this day – well, except the fact that real fights happen when people want to get the best deals.

What started out as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States way back in 1952 has now taken the world by storm.

It happens the day after Thanksgiving, so it falls on November 24 this year. And Cyber Monday is the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend, and that’s on November 27 this year.

While the tradition of Black Friday shopping happened a long time ago, Cyber Monday only became a thing in 2005 when there was a need to promote online shopping. Now, this can only be the greatest cure for Monday blues.

For a nation that loves shopping and good bargains, this is really the best way to get into the festive mood. What should you expect this year? Most retailers are pretty secretive about their deals and promotions until D-Day, but we’ve been sniffing out clues. Here’s what we found out.

Text: Alexa Fang / SingSaver, Hidayah Idris