What comes to mind when you receive a wedding invitation? Sure, you’re happy for the couple but then you think about the money you have to part ways with because 1) red packet and 2) you need a new dress for the occasion.

Well, we can’t help you with the red packet, or the fact that a wedding always guarantees money going out of the window, but what we can help you with is to make sure you look snatched at the occasion. And that means going for something unique, sassy and elegant — and definitely not any old thing off the rack. We’re talking about the cape dress. With a flowy train at the back, it exudes an ethereal vibe that’s also equal parts authoritative and sophisticated. Best of all, these cape dresses can be worn to other social events too, from cocktail to black-tie, depending on the skirt length and what you pair it with.

Scroll through for some of our favourites.

Text: Ho Guo Xiong

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