The ancient Romans knew what they were doing when they chose linen as their go-to textile to stay cool in the warm Mediterranean summers. Woven from fibres of the flax plant, linen is a hardy fabric that does not cling onto skin, conducts heat well, and has high air and moisture permeability—keeping the wearer cool and dry.

While it tends to bring to mind shapeless tunics in varying shades of beige, we have scoured the web for the looks you never knew humble old linen was capable of. From wardrobe staples in modern cuts to loud, printed dresses, here are our picks to help you stay in style this summer without breaking a sweat.

P.S. We say summer, but really, Singapore’s relentless muggy weather means you will get plenty of wear season after season out of every piece here.

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Text: Rachel Tan
Image: Shutterstock