So…you’ve managed to beat the odds (insert think piece on how millennials have ruined dating) and secured a first date. Maybe that cute guy at work finally asked you out or you decided to put an end to weeks of Tinder texting and ask your match out first. Either way, now that the first step is out of the way, the next is to decide what to wear.

If you’re clueless on what to wear, and your friends aren’t answering your group chat, here are some handy tips on what you could wear depending on the type of date you’ll be going on. And if all that still doesn’t help, we spoke to 5 women on their ideas on what makes a perfect first date here.

While there is no definite outfit and you should never base your self-worth on impressing a man, there are some foolproof rules to live by. Above all, make sure whatever you pick makes you feel comfortable and confident. And if you’re unsure on what that is yet, scroll through for some handy tips.

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