Even if you’ve never heard of Booto, you’d probably be able to recognise it from one of the many photos you’ve seen of your favourite Korean celeb.

Booto is a rabbit character from South Korea that has three iconic features: heart-shaped ears; a scarf that hides messages and mouth, and a Y-shaped nose.

While it’s available in many media including books, it’s also been spotted as a plushie carried by various K-celebs such as Big Bang, EXO’s Lay and T-ARA.

The cute rabbit is now available in another form – jewellery. Citigems is launching the Booto Rabbit Collection, which features the character in 999 Pure Gold jewellery and 999 Pure Gold Bars.

Before you get frightened by the word “pure gold” and think it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars, the good news is, prices start from $128, so you probably can afford at least a piece. And the best thing yet? It comes in an adorable packaging!

Scroll the gallery to see the full collection.