If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a K-pop star, here’s one thing that can bring you a step closer to achieving your goal: wearing the same shoes as them.

Skechers Burst Collection, fronted by K-pop girl group SISTAR, affords you the ability to work out in style.


But fret not, for it’s not style over comfort for these trainers. The shoes come with Air-cooled Memory Foam insoles, which make it comfortable to wear. The lightweight shoes also won’t weigh you down as you run the kilometers.

Even if running is not your cup of tea, we’re sure these would make a good companion when you practise your K-pop dance moves.

And if you’re looking for couple shoes to gift your boyfriend this Christmas, the Burst Collection also boasts designs for men, so you can both look good at the gym.

The Song-Song couple may battle it out together on a real battlefield in Descendants of the Sun, but hey, you can always make the gym your battlefield and be the Song-Song couple with your boyfriend.

Skechers Burst Collection is available at all Skechers concept stores.