Snapbacks are a guy’s best friends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them as much as he can. They’re not only great for hiding bad hair (especially on days when your hair straightener refuses to work with you), but can also instantly jazz up an outfit. The best thing? You’ll look younger!

Yes, snapbacks are not just for teenagers. We take a leaf out of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation’s book on how to rock a cap even in your 20s.

  1. Opt for prints, which make for a great contrast to mono-coloured outfits.

  2. Wear it backwards for that devil-may-care vibe.


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  3. You’re never too young for cartoon characters, so don’t be afraid to don a Disney cap.

    후로즌 모자다. 엘사가 바글바글

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  4. If you’re not bold, play it safe with a black cap, which matches almost anything.

    아침부터 너보니깐…..ㅉ…쪼아^^^ #유리후배

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  5. Choose a different textured strap, such as faux snake skin or a braided strap as an accent.

    #라스베가스 #힙합도모르면서

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  6. Wear it on the side to make it look more like a fashion statement than something for you to hide behind.

  7. Pick one with words that describe your feelings.

    some where in korea ✌

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  8. If your hair is really not cooperating, gather it into a side ponytail before putting a cap on.


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