Man, influencer fashion is wild.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m watching a rip-off of Mad Max every time I open my Instagram. Influencers have been passing see-through fishnets as entire outfits. Every pair of pants now has some unexpected cut-out. Cargo pants and windbreakers are confusingly paired with bikinis underneath. Not quite sure what the message is and if I’m on board. Sometimes, there are even matching heavy-duty braids to top it all off.

Function has now become fashion. Utility vests are no longer just for your dad and his friends on their fishing trip. Buckles and chains overload—like, has the simple zipper gone out of fashion? In the past, I couldn’t even get away with wearing a utility belt without a firefighter stopping me on the street to ask if I got it from the hardware store.


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All that’s missing is an It Accessory, and by that, we mean a motorbike and not a Chanel bag.

Is the point for people to be able to hear your outfit before they see it? How many straps do you have to undo before you can use the bathroom? What if you’re in a hurry? Are we all supposed to be gearing up for a massive battle I don’t know about? And do we all congregate at Coachella aka the Influencer Olympics? I have so many questions. Someone, please clue me in.


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When you’ve got to attend Coachella at 8pm but have to save the world at 9pm

Also, what happens now? Is this a political call-to-action about the state the world is in but make it fashion? We can only ponder. But the good news is this—if you’re tired of seeing the same ol’ Self-Portrait dress and in the market for a whole bunch buckles and heavy-duty belt bags, this is your time.

Scroll through to get the look, or, if it’s not your thing, just for some LOLs.

Text: April Lee
Additional Reporting: Cheryl Chan

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