Cut your feet some slack and let them enjoy themselves on Friday (you know you want to too). They deserve a break after spending four excruciating days squeezed into a pair of high heels. Granted, sneakers are way more casual than your typical work shoes, but they still have the power to make your office ensemble look both refreshing and powerful.

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The Unobtrusive Choice

When in doubt, always go with white. Besides being the easiest shade to match, white is so subtle it’ll go fairly unnoticed, meaning you won’t have to worry about people harping on the fact you wore casual footwear to work.

The Flashy Pair

If you prefer to show a more artsy side of yourself, pick a pair that contains relatively loud designs. One with an abundance of colours and textures will easily express your vibrant personality.

The High-top

Fans of the high-top can show off their shoes by pairing it with short dresses or cropped trousers. To prevent your ankles from looking too small, have your laces tied loosely in the middle instead of lacing them all the way until the top loop.

The Practical Option

Casual Friday is an opportunity for you to wear something completely functional. Slip on a pair of stylish sports shoes should you be heading for the gym at night, or invest in footwear that focuses solely on fit and comfort.