Still not over the Beauty and the Beast fever? Why not relive the moment on your next date? If Beauty and Beast’s dinner date (and dance) is your idea of an ideal date, here’s the good news: you can recreate it right at home.

The only problem? It’ll cost slightly less than $900, so you might want to save it for special occasions, like your SO’s birthday or your anniversary.

Cuponation scoured the web to curate items for your Disney dinner, from Belle’s outfit down to the dinner, so scroll through the gallery for more!

Dress like Belle
While you can’t get Belle’s gown (unless you wear a wedding dress or have it custom-made), you can still look like the Disney princess with these items.

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Dress your beau like Beast
Let’s be real, Beast looks damn hot in that iconic blue coat. Why not recreate that look on your boyfriend?

Plan a Disney-worthy dinner
Come on, you probably can’t survive the night with just soup like Belle and Beast, so why not have a multi-course dinner? Because you deserve it.

Image: TPG/Click Photos