Just how much do you love shoes? If your overflowing shoe wardrobe is not a telling sign, these might convince you that you are, in fact, addicted to shoes.

Friendships are made over strangers complimenting your shoes. 
And if one of your friends say anything about your beautifully flourishing shoe collection, they don’t just get the stink eye, they cease being your friend.

Your wardrobe is practically all black. 
Because black basically goes with any of your shoes. And on most days, you base your outfits on which shoes you want to wear. How else are you supposed to dress?

There is no problem that shoes can’t fix. 
PMS? You just go out and get a pair of Stuart Weitzman. Just broke up? That pair of snake skin stilettos are calling out your name. Wardrobe crisis? A new pair of Keds can perk anyone up!

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The first thing you notice on a date is what shoes he’s wearing. 
Distressed boots? Bye boy. It might be a casual coffee date, but take your boots on a hike, bud. At least thrown on a pair of dress shoes, if anything. Like heels, they instantly up a look.

You have a separate budget just for shoe shopping. 
There’s the food budget, gas budget, general shopping budget and a shoe shopping budget. And you’d rather starve and take public transportation than to cut your shoe budget.

Rainy days give you the worst anxiety. 
Suede will not survive it. Fabrics will definitely not survive it. And your leather shoes? Pfft. Nobody likes water spots, oh what to do?!

Your car trunk has at least two pairs of emergency shoes. 
Because your love for shoes extends to shoes in all forms – flats, sneakers, heels, boots, and the list goes on. Who cares if Malaysian weather means your feet will cook in those?

Image: agencyby / 123RF.com
Text: Ashley Ahn
Additional text: Hidayah Idris