Our favourite Disney star Mickey Mouse has put his fashion hat on and become the star of UNIQLO’s latest – and unbelievably cute – collection! Designed by the edgy and multi-talented British illustrator Kate Moross, the Love & Mickey Mouse Collection has a street style edge thanks to the dynamic monochrome treatments of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and graffiti-inspired lettering styles.

In a one-off interview with the designer herself, Kate Moross talks to us about being Disney’s No. 1 fan, visiting Disney Land over 12 times in the past 7 years and what it means to design for UNIQLO.

What’s the last few months been like for you?
I’ve been doing lots of stuff with UNIQLO. I went to Disney Springs and did a mural there, and also at the UNIQLO flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York. I also did one in London on a weekend – and now I am here!

Tell us about the process of designing an iconic character like Mickey Mouse.
It was intimidating trying to do something new with Mickey, as it’s been explored across merchandise for years, and I also wanted to keep to my own style. But Disney keeps an open mind when it comes to artist collaborations, so I stuck to what I usually do, and drew and doodled. That’s when I came up with this illustration – I think it’s just the perfect summary of my work while also being classic Mickey. It was a really good feeling when it came together.

Was it hard to know when you were finished? Were there a lot of drafts in between?
There wasn’t really – I tend to be a more direct pen-to-paper kinda gal. I don’t overthink it or plan too much. I just kind of sit down and try to make it work – I’m not intimidated by an empty canvas or anything, I just work it out.

What’s the inspiration behind the artwork? It has a ’90s Keith Haring and Andy Warhol pop art vibe to it.
These are all inspirations that run through my own work, especially as I grew up with that in my life. But there’s also some typographic pieces that are just my own expression that carries that ’80s and ’90s feel.

Did you own any Minnie or Mickey Mouse clothing growing up as a child?
Definitely yeah, there were countless images of me in Disney attire: bum bags, baseball caps and leggings – lots of leggings. I wish there was a service that kept everything that you’ve ever worn so when you’re older, you could go back and find that item of clothing! Like my childhood Minnie Mouse bed sheet, which I still have.

So Mickey over Minnie?
I think he’s kind of like the OG. I like Minnie’s personality more but I like Mickey’s look more. I always do character dinning when I go to Disney Land, where I get to meet the characters, and their personalities are very different… I’d say Minnie – she’s more fun.