Love your high street fashion labels but tired of everyone wearing the same ZARA/H&M/Topshop/(*insert high street brand here) items as you? We feel you.

Enter Urban Revivo. This hot (and new-in-town!) Chinese fashion label is the new kid on the block, and set to take our shopping habits by storm.

With their Womenswear prices ranging from $24 – $399 and their accessories from $16.90 to $100, the brand is all about merging design flair with top-notch quality at attainable prices, aiming to break the stereotype that affordable fashion is badly made and throw-away.

And you’re totally spoilt for choice too! While some high street fashion labels adhere to a certain aesthetic that may not suit your style, the brand is very trend driven with many diverse lines ranging from girlish floral items, to masculine tailoring and even street wear inspired pieces. Not to mention, their items are all cut specifically to the Asian physique which means no unintentional gapes in your clothing and extra-long trouser lengths pooling on the floor. New items will also be added to the store every week so there’s something for you to buy every single time you head down.

Here’s some of our top picks from the store:

And if those clothes don’t vouch for themselves, the stylish folks that turned up at the store opening definitely do!


URBAN REVIVO | Raffles City #02-24/25/26, 252 North Bridge Road (Singapore) 179103
Tel: +65-6264-3838 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily