Let’s face it, work is not the most interesting thing on earth for most of us. So why add more dullness into it with boring outfits?

It doesn’t take a lot to restyle your office closet when you have this season’s selection of vibrant prints on hand to inject some zest and rejuvenate your attire. The trick is to keep one item in your overall look printed, and pair that down with other pieces in complimentary colours.

Beyond wearing prints in your clothing, they pack just as much punch when these prints show up in the form of accessories – such as a bag, shoe or jewellery. Throw it together with an easy dress or jacket, and you’re already elevating your style game.

From fancy florals to optical prints, explore the best of this season’s prints and textures, and learn how you can make them work for work.

  1. Get Graphic

Black and white are failproof options, but when they come together in a graphic print, it feels fresh instantly.

  1. Fine Line

Eschew the usual pick of bold stripes and work a thinner stripe width into your outfit.

  1. Check Mate

Contrast chequered prints with bold, solid colours.

  1. Petal Pusher

Contrast a floral print with a pop of bright colour. Pssst… adding a darker colour will help to ground the brighter shades.

  1. Seventies Redux

This season’s key pattern takes the best groove of the ‘70s and mixes it up for a modern, renewed spin.

Text: Aaron Kok / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / April 2017
Additional text: Hidayah Idris
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