Think of your dad on vacation, and chances are one of these items would have made it into his suitcase. Chunky sneakers? Check. A fanny pack? Check. A “fun” Hawaiian print shirt? Double check. But while fathers all over the world have gotten some serious flak from their kids for their unfashionable holiday choices, guess who’s having the last laugh now? That’s right, they are.

From Guy Fieri flame shirts to high-waisted stonewashed jeans, the dad-core movement has been gaining traction steadily over the past year, causing many to rock these items un-ironically. It’s now cool to look uncool, and the latest fashion icon to break into the fashion radar isn’t a celebrity, but your very own father on holiday.

Maybe we long for a time where it was easier to throw on a whole bunch of oversized, ill-fitted clothing as opposed to strategically planning a whole bunch of well-coordinated looks. Or perhaps, with Father’s Day approaching, it’s just a way for us to pay homage to them. If so, check out some of these women’s Hawaiian print shirts that are cut smaller, cropped and with added details like piping and knots. But if a loose fit is more of your vibe, then we suggest heading over to the men’s department or better yet, raid your own dad’s closet for a look that’s completely pain-free on the wallet.

Image: TPG

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Scroll through for some vacation dad looks that will make you go “who’s your daddy”.