Let’s be real, it’s easy to choose a pair of pants, but choosing one that’s flattering for your body shape? Now, that’s another story. But before you cry in despair and swear to stick to only dresses and skirts, fret not for this guide should make it easier for you.

Tagged at less than $100 each, these 12 pairs of trousers will not only help you look slimmer, it’ll help give you the illusion of height, so you’re always wearing the pants in every situation.

If you have… wide hips
To balance your voluptuous curves, a pair of wide pants will help you create a more refined line.

If you have… short legs

A simple trick is to wear straight cut trousers. Their linear shape helps create the impression of longer legs, and draws attention away from the waist and hips.

If you have… an hourglass figure

A cropped pair of pants will flatter your figure nicely, as that flash of ankle will help create the illusion of height and smaller hips.

If you have… a boyish silhouette

If your body lacks curvy definition, make up for it by choosing trousers with a cinched waist or a belt!

Text: Aaron Kok / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / February 2017
Additional reporting: Hidayah Idris
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