When you think of workwear, you often think of dress-and-pencil-skirt combos or shift dresses. But at CLEO, we’re not required to wear formal wear every day (or any day), which allows us to show off our personalities. One former CLEO staffer even wore her PJs to work without anyone noticing!

Step into the CLEO office, and you’ll probably notice each member’s distinctive style. Fashion Director Janice is always in black. Writer Adora is usually in black too – on days that she isn’t, we ask her what’s going on. For the rest of us, we’re always basking in colours. One thing’s for sure, a denim jacket is a staple among the team members (as Li Yuan later demonstrates).

When online fashion retailer CPS offered to loan us clothes for our OOTD, Associate Editor Karen, Senior Designer Li Yuan and Senior Digital Writer Hidayah took up to challenge to see if we could find outfits that fit our distinctive styles – and we did. Scroll the gallery to see what we picked and what we really think of the pieces.

PS: You get a cute plastic bag adorned with a smiley face for free with every order!

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