You Can Wear The Same Dress As Meghan Markle. Here’s How

Did you swoon when you saw Meghan Markle’s backless dress that she wore for the reception of the royal wedding? If you’re getting married soon, the good news is, you can wear the same dress as her for your wedding. Well, not the one worn by her, of course, but of the same design—and designer.

Stella McCartney, who designed Meghan’s dress, is now making her foray into bridal gown territory, and launched her collection yesterday. And, yes, Meghan’s dress is among one of her first pieces.


According to the website, the 17-piece collection, aptly named “Made with Love”, reimagines wedding dressing for the modern woman.

Stella was also quoted saying, “It’s something that I feel very passionately about and is very close to my heart. I think that in this day and age the wedding day is something very different to how it’s traditionally perceived, and I think that the house of Stella McCartney really represents something a little more effortless.”

And the essence of Stella McCartney is seen in the dresses. Each gown bears the simplicity and minimalism in design that the brand is best known for.

But that doesn’t mean all you can get are plain white dresses. Stella marries lace and sequins with simple designs, and adds belts as accents to a few dresses. There’s even a pantsuit that looks like her runway design, albeit more elegant and wedding-ready.

And all these details are meant to highlight the bride’s individuality. A line from the website reads, “From gowns to tailoring; from lace to sequins; from unembellished to statement-making, this contemporary collection is designed to reflect each bride’s individuality, making her look and feel her best on her special day.”

Scroll through the gallery to see a few of her designs.

Images: Stella McCartney’s website, TPG/Click Photos

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