9 Stylish Sustainable Brands You Should Shop At That Have Pieces Under $200

For years, whenever the terms “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” were used to describe a fashion brand, one would think of bland, neutral-toned clothing that came at a hefty price. But with more people beginning to gain awareness of their carbon footprint, many brands have followed suit, choosing to develop their clothing and accessories brands with ethical means in mind, while still remaining affordable and stylish.

Ahead of this year’s Conscious Festival, we get Stephanie Dickson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Green Is The New Black to curate for us a list of her favourite eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands. The best part? Most of these finds are all under $200.  Scroll through to see her picks.

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Photos:  Paula Miquelis/Green Is The New Black

Take more #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously by visiting The Conscious Festival Powered by Holland & Barrett, happening at South Beach Singapore 2-3 November 2019. If you’re keen to explore conscious fashion brands further, you’ll find plenty of them within the marketplace in the Festival Village. The Festival is free to enter, but the Talks are ticketed.

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