Anyone who has worn a bralette can attest to how comfortable it is. While wired bras give you the support your bosom buddies need, they’re not exactly comfortable to wear.

Enter the bralettes, which have been all the rage these recent years. In fact, more and more Singaporean brands like Perk by Kate are putting out their own lingerie brand with a focus on bralettes. Terie joins the market with its own offerings.

Started in November last year by a former cabin crew Terie Sim, the brand aims to make comfortable lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

Terie wrote on her website that the inspiration came from her experience as a cabin crew. She wrote, “When I was a cabin crew, wearing wired bras in the air was frustrating & restrictive for me. Oh, the discomfort! I started shopping around for comfy bralettes, but couldn’t find one that provided sufficient support & comfort without the dreaded underwire. It was that moment that I decided – why not create my own?”

Terie is also the founder of HerJuju, which puts out handmade lace bralettes.

Unlike HerJuJu, her eponymous brand’s bralettes have a simple design with organic bamboo padded lining. According to the website, the “exclusively customised” fabric used is also anti-bacterial and anti-odour, and protects you from harmful UV rays. But this also means you gotta be extra careful when washing it: you need to hand wash them with water that has a temperature of no more than 40°C, and avoid bleaching or tumble-drying them.

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The bralettes are made for women of all sizes, so the elastic band purportedly can stretch well, even for bustier women who wear at least a C cup. If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you’ll be happy to know that the bralettes are comfortable to be worn while breastfeeding, according to customers’ testimonies.

The brand also aims to empower women and uses real women in their promotional campaigns.

The brand currently only has one collection, Power Nudes, which comprises three bralettes (all three featured above) and retail for $39.90 each. Sizes run from XS to XL.