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Warning: Before you proceed, this story contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones’ season eight episode three.

After eight long hard years and a culmination of too much emotional investment, one of Game of Thrones most dragged out story lines have come to a heady end at the hands of a Stark—well for the White Walkers that is.

For the past few seasons, the show has leaned towards the women of Westeros being the saviors, and the men as mere accessories or at the most, advisers to the women they accompany. This episode continued with that narrative, where we learnt that the savior of the North isn’t the former King of Winterfell Jon Snow—who spent a whole 40 minutes clumsily stumbling about and then dancing with a dragon—while his youngest sister took all the knowledge she learnt at the Faceless Academy For Kids Who Want To Kill Good (And Other Stuff Too) and applied it to battle.

While most of the fashion choices in Game of Thrones have always been reserved for more typically feminine characters such as Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark or even Margaery Tyrell (RIP), last night’s kudos should go to none other than our warrior princess herself, Arya Stark.

Unlike Dany’s fashion-forward but impractical fur coat, (seriously who wears white fur to battle??) Arya look’s was stylish yet functional, allowing her to move nimbly about in the shadows just like a wolf, giving her the upper hand when it came to stealthily ambushing the Night King and saving the day night.

So, in honour of Arya, we’ve culled together a dressing guide that will allow you to pay tribute to the young warrior of Winterfell. From belt bags that can hold a Valyrian steel knife to Direwolf earrings, here are some items that will hopefully give you the confidence you need to battle you very own real life Night King.

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