E-Girl, VSCO Girl, Soft Girl Or Y2K—Which Internet Girl Are You?

Imagine the lunchroom scene in Mean Girls where Janis Ian gives a rundown of all the cliques in the school. Now, instead of a high school cafeteria, you are now on the Internet. And while the internet has given birth to many subcultures over the course of its inception, because of this current generation’s propensity for sharing their lives online, never have internet tropes become so mainstream and a talking point for millennials and Gen Z-ers. I mean, even Business Insider wrote an article on what is a VSCO Girl—need we say more?

And if you, like us are equally confused, curious, or both, we’ve done some research and pulled together a handy guide on some of the most talked-about internet tropes of now.  And by research we mean lurk in the massive jungle that is social media to spot some of these tropes in their natural habitats.

Scroll through for the ultimate guide to dressing like these 4 Internet tropes.

Additional Reporting: Nicholas Chan
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The E-girl


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E-girls or electronic girls are the Tumblr kids of 2019. Or, if you really go way back, the scene/emo kids of the early noughts. They are #edgy but this time served with a dose of cute. While they rose in popularity through Tik-Tok, they can also be found on streaming sites like Twitch saying things like ‘UWU’ (which according to Urban Dictionary is a reaction to an overwhelming amount of cuteness) and talking about their favourite anime. Their signature look includes heavy bangs, eyeliner and a heart drawn under their eyes.

When it comes to capturing the style of an E-girl, it’s honestly a little bit of everything. They tend to dress with grunge and goth influences whilst still adding a touch of sex appeal and a lolita vibe to their overall look. Most of their outfits feature layering in more ways than one. A typical E-girl outfit would usually consist of a sheer inner top underneath an oversized tee with 10-15 metal chains. Top it off with fishnet stockings and unreasonably high platform shoes and you’re good to go.

So TL;DR—an emo kid for 2019.

The Soft Girl


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If you live on the internet, you’ll know that soft bois are a popular talking point. And if you don’t because, you, well, have a life, here’s a quick recap: Soft bois are basically indie f*uckboys. Men who are sensitive and ~alternative~ but just as emotionally manipulative as a f*uckboy. See Timothée Chalamet’s character in Lady Bird (see funny evidence of soft bois here).

Soft girls are their counterparts, but thankfully without the emotional manipulation. These girls are your modern-day manic-pixie dream girls and can be found lying on grass patches while vibing to indie-pop singers like Billie Eilish circa Ocean Eyes and Clairo.

To achieve that soft girl aesthetic, start off by dressing only in oversized clothing and loads of denim. You will also need to throw out all your neutral colours in favour of feminine pastels. Oh! And don’t forget chunky sneakers. To top it all off, a good amount of blush is needed for that soft ethereal vibe.

The VSCO Girl


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Ah… VSCO girls, the latest of the Internet tropes. The VSCO girl phenomenon was something that even we don’t really fully understand. Most of them look just like the sort of girls you would see when you were in secondary school, so it’s quite perplexing as to why they are blowing up now.

A key point is that they clearly use the editing app VSCO for a consistent look on the ‘gram. Next is the casual Californian-vibe that consists of a Brandy Melville-heavy wardrobe. Some attribute it to the rise of the “quirky and relatable” female teen YouTuber such as Emma Chamberlain. They’re pretty but have a self-deprecating sense of humour about their looks. And they’ve chosen more relaxed styles such as natural makeup and beachy waves and aren’t afraid to show off a pimple or two—a huge contrast to the full-on contoured faces of other Instagram influencers.

VSCO Girls dress similarly to Soft Girls when it comes to style, but the difference is in the accessories. Ditch the chunky sneakers for a pair of Birkenstocks, start making some friendship bracelets and get yourself a Fjallraven backpack and Tada! You have turned into a full-fledged VSCO girl.



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And now, if you didn’t already feel old, this one will knock it out of the park. When compared to other Internet tropes, Y2K is not as community-based. There isn’t a group of people who talk and act a certain way. It’s more of the fashion retro revival of the early aughts. It’s nostalgic, borderline campy and costumey but also a whole lotta fun. I mean, wouldn’t you want to dress like Elle Woods of Legally Blonde or Cher from Clueless? Or our current girl crush, Maddie from Euphoria?

The easiest way to get into Y2K? Dress like something popular from the 2000s ala Bratz Dolls or one of Charlie’s Angels (B-T Dubs, we’re talking about the “Lucy Liu with my girl, Drew and Cameron D” era of angels). Some guidelines to follow are low-rise pants, cargo pants, cropped tank tops, mini skirts, and dresses. Y2K is all about breaking the rules of fashion so just go with it.



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