The 90’s had some of the best fashion trends – a few of which are still relevant today. Most people who grew up during that period took fashion cues from celebs, but there are adventurous ones (like our local celebs, as you’ll read later) who prefer to put their own spin on the trends. But here are five reasons why we think the 1990s is the most awesome period for fashion.

  1. Crop tops were the best top ever

    Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera made crop tops the best thing you could ever own. Better yet if it came with dangling beaded columns. No crop top? Tie the ends of your white shirt under your chest area and voila, you just made an instant crop top.
  2. You can be a Spice Girl with platform shoes

    Thanks to Spice Girls, no one batted an eyelid when you wore sky-high platform boots or shoes. Unless you trip and fall while balancing (or failing to balance) in them.
  3. The centre-parting determined whether a guy is average or a hottie

    Up till today, not everyone can pull off the centre-part. And hence, that’s the difference between a good-looking man and a really good-looking man. (Actually, it depends on your face shape, but we’ll stick to our story.)
  4. No one judged you for wearing cargo pants

    Anyone who has worn cargo pants or anything similar can attest to the fact that it’s one of the most comfortable things you can wear besides your PJs.
  5. Chokers were elastic. And pretty cheap

    Black Tattoo Choker Necklace, £4.50, Claire’s
    Remember the tattoo choker necklace? They make you look cool even when you were wearing OP tee and cargo pants. The good news is, it’s still available! Buy it here.

Local celebs dish their fave fashion memories from their growing up years.

Teenage lesson 1: Never wash jewellery with dishwashing liquid
My favorite fashion memory involves cleaning all of my mum’s jewellery with dishwashing liquid. I thought it was a nice thing to do for someone, and didn’t understand why she yelled at me when she got home!
Vanessa Ann Vanderstraaten, Fly Entertainment Artiste

Teenage lesson 2: Headbands are the best thing to get hair out of your face
My favourite fashion memory would be headbands. I remember wearing them a lot when I was a kid and even growing up. I’ve never really been into fashion though, so I think I wore them mostly for practical reasons (to keep my fringe off my face). I also remember wearing bell-bottom jeans. I used to think that was the most fashionable piece in my wardrobe!
Farisha Ishak, ArtisteNetworks Artiste

Teenage lesson 3:  Don’t conform and find your own style
Being able to dress a little punk and a little girly at the same time was always fun for me! When this photo was taken, I was still with West Grand Boulevard, and was also making my own music, so I got to dress up for different types of events.
Daphne Khoo, Power 98 DJ

Teenage lesson 4: Hanging out with the right people can take you places
Partying with Gareth Pugh and his crew was pretty epic and surreal back then, when I was only 19! Hahaha!
Linda Hao, Designer

Image: TPG/Click Photos