The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is one season that most Singaporeans look forward to because almost every store here is offering great deals! And honestly, it’s one of the best times to make the purchase you’ve been sitting on because if you’re going to buy it anyway, might as well do it when it’s on sale, right?

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop that offers all your favourite brands—on sale—we’ve found the perfect shopping site for you: ZALORA.

The shopping platform is having their mid-year sale and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Known as the #ZALORABigFashionSale, it’ll feature top brands including Quay, ESPRIT, ECCO, Timberland, Brooks Brothers, Levi’s, Dockers, Rosefield, Hush Puppies, GAP,  Banana Republic, ALDO and more, with discounts of up to 80%!


So how do you get the most out of the sale? Here are some tips from avid online shoppers (i.e., us).

  1. Add everything you want into cart before the sale starts

Choices can get overwhelming, especially when you see that everything you want—but not necessarily can afford—is on discount. But when it comes to sales, abide by the rule: “add first, decide later”. Sizes (and items) run out fast when they’re on discount, so be sure to add whatever you want beforehand so you can just check out when the sale starts instead of trawling the website or app all over again looking for that one jacket.

  1. Get your measurements beforehand

If you have the habit of getting your measuring tape out every time before you add something to cart, time to make a change. Get yourself measured now and have your stats in both centimetres and inches as some pieces might use the latter. Also, go to your wardrobe and check your clothes sizes based on international sizes, US sizes, UK sizes, EU sizes—basically, everything you can think of. Have all of these on hand before you start shopping—think of the list as your personal size chart.

  1. Always check “SIZE DETAILS”

You might wear an “S” at Esprit, but you might not wear the same size at Banana Republic. Don’t assume that the cutting and fit of every shirt or pants is the same. Always hit “SIZE DETAILS” to check out the measurements of each size and compare them to your personal size chart so you don’t end up buying clothes that are too big or small for yourself.

  1. Look through all the photos in the gallery

The great thing about the ZALORA website and app is they feature product images taken from various angles. This means, you can look at the details you might have missed in the frontal shot. For example, based on the front view alone, you might not know that the pants you’re ordering come with an elastic band at the back, which you hate. So be sure to scroll through the gallery before you hit “checkout”.

  1. Just hit checkout, lah

Some of you might wonder, “What even is this advice?” but as someone who has missed one too many good deals because she took too long to decide if she should get that $9.90 top, we’d say, “Just hit checkout, lah”. ZALORA has an awesome return policy that lets you return pieces that don’t fit, among other reasons. Not sure if you should get that sky blue pants in “M” or “L”? Get both and return whichever that doesn’t fit. You can read about their return policy here.

Our top picks

Now that you’re armed with all the tips to score amazing deals, it’s time to start prepping for the big sale! Here are some of our fave pieces to get you inspired*:

*Prices indicated are before discount.

-Brought to you by ZALORA-