10 Things About EXO’s Baekhyun You Probably Didn’t Know

exo baekhyun

Most people know Byun Baekyun as one of the main vocalists of EXO, and probably the man who dated Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. However, there are so many more sides to the 24-year-old that people might know of. Here are 10.

  1. He can come up with lyrics on the spot
    The talented singer showed off his rap lyric-writing skills on Showtime, when he composed lyrics to accompany Lay’s impromptu tune as the unofficial soundtrack for the TV programme.
  2. He doesn’t mind looking weird to let fans have a good laugh
    This includes doing weird impersonations and facial expressions.
  3. He reminds fans of a puppy
    It’s not only because of his eyes, which slants downwards, but also his overall behaviour that brings to mind a beagle.
  4. He is very witty
    Xiumin has even requested him to teach the oldest members on how to be witty on variety shows! His response? Sure, at a price of 150,000 won per month.
  5. He has a rectangular smile
    He demonstrated this on the first episode of Showtime, which had the other members cracking up.
  6. He loves teasing the other members, especially D.O.
    Baekhyun always imitates the other members’ reactions.
  7. He has a firm butt, according to Lay
    Lay revealed on EXO 90:2014 that he enjoys touching Baekhyun’s butt the most because he has a firm rear. Not that we could ever find out if Lay was telling the truth
  8. He only joined SM Entertainment for less than a year before making his debut in EXO
    Chen and Baekhyun were the last additions to the boy group before debuted as a 12-member band.
  9. His duet with miss A’s Suzy topped various charts, including music shows, although they didn’t promote it on any show
    Earlier this year, he recorded a song with Suzy titled “Dream”, which peaked on various charts and even won on music shows five times despite having no active promotions.
  10. He is currently filming a period drama
    He is acting in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo alongside Lee Junki and Kang Haneul.

Images: TPG/Click Photos, YouTube

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